The Philosophy of Extraordinary

The Winter Olympics has me thinking. Here’s one law I will actually stand behind: extraordinary things never come about as the result of a singular brushstroke. It takes a cascade of significance and effort to achieve something profound. Whenever you hear of somebody doing something incredible, when asked how they got there, the answer is never one thing. It is always a number of factors coming together to make their moments possible.

I seem to see so many people that search in error for perfection. Perfection is an illusion. The scales are constantly changing. So how do you guide yourself? Seek the extraordinary lifestyle. Cultivate as many positive things as you can that point you towards your goals. It will always take more than one thing to make it, so the more irons you can manage to keep in the fire, the more likely they will all register success. As always, avoid burnout. Like I said, as many factors as you can manage.

If you are like me, and want to leave a mark, goal setting is very important. Setting good goals will help you reach drastically higher. I learned this in Sports Psychology. It is vital to set realistic goals, but also ones that are worth reaching. You might be one big, but achievable goal away from amazing yourself. Have short, medium and long term goals as well. Allow some fluidity to them.

You may also find yourself reaching milestones you never set. The universe is chaos, and chaos means change. Cultivating positivity in your world is the best effort you can make to try to control what is madness. Planting good seeds is great; having strong soil is helpful too; so is a friendly atmosphere, but having good seeds, land and environment is unbeatable.

Extraordinary things are like plants. They have needs, but many will thrive even if neglected. Be a special plant, one that gets maintained and adored not poisoned or pulled. Sure, species of the latter will ultimately survive because that is what we are made to do as organisms. However, in a modern world there are things one can achieve outside mediocrity. We live in a hyper-connected world, meaning your ability to reach the people you want to reach is beyond anything humans have ever imagined.

One of my favorite moments in the game Octopath Traveler [SPOILER WARNING] was when Tressa, the Merchant realized her most valuable treasure wasn’t the shiny gem she fought for, but the stories she had recorded along the way. These stories meant the world to a young princess, who was physically disabled and unable to see the world for herself. Not just the stories we sell, but the stories we make are the truest treasure. What story do you want to tell? It will be told when you are gone, to be sure.

The consequences of our actions have reach far beyond the self. When you see what a deeply positive or negative difference you have the capacity to make in the world around you, it is hard to question my argument. Cultivating extraordinary has an impact far beyond, and far more significant than what it will do for you. You may touch someone’s life in a way they’d been searching forever to find. People don’t forget things like that, whether they knew they needed it or not. And whether they’re conscious of it or not, it can still be true.

So whatever it is you dream of doing, take any steps you can. If it is worth striving. You’re going to suffer either way, you might as well be trying to live the life you want. The madness will always be madness, treat yourself to some joy. Since I started swimming again, so much more positivity has come my way. It is one of my dearest passions, and recently I’ve reached major fulfillment I never thought swimming three times a week could achieve. Goals related to swimming, but not the benefits I get from working out.

Thank you for reading. I wanted to do a very different sort of post, and possibly more oddities in the future. I always keep irons in the fire. Some are just tentative, brewing, or I’m hoping to pitch them somewhere else. Like and/or comment some insight. I would love to hear from you, the reader, on any of my posts.

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